The Vya Family

250 Lumens

100 Lumens

100 Lumens

150 Lumens

50 Lumens


Daylight Visible Power

Vya pumps out a substantial amount of lumens to keep riders visible day and night. Both Vya headlights and taillights are easily recognizable and distinguish a cyclists on busy roadways, an important feature for safe riding in chaotic urban environments. Be seen anytime of day and from distances up to 2KM with Vya.



Pulsing lights are the most effective pattern to stay visible day or night. A pulsing beam enhances a driver's ability to judge an accurate distance from the cyclist and safely overtake. Strobing lights destroy a driver's depth perception and place the cyclist at risk. Stay safe with proven SafePulse - a Light & Motion exclusive that uses an irregular pulsing pattern to quickly catch a driver's attention.


Direct USB Charging

Vya is quick to recharge with its patented USB blade mount. This allows Vya to be removed from its bike mount in seconds with a simple 1/4 turn and plugged into a computer or wall USB outlet for charging. Vya will fully charge in a mere 2 hours.


Auto On/Off Sensors

Vya is first smart bike light with sensor control: start riding and the light automatically turns on. Park the bike and Vya automatically shuts off after a period of inactivity. Effortless safety riders love with button-free simplicity. All Vya lights have this innovative feature except the new Vya Switch - which forgoes the auto on/off convenience for a more traditional button design to offer multiple ride modes. Read on to learn about the new Vya Switch.

New Release

Vya Switch for Multiple Modes

Vya Switch gives riders a button layout to replace the innovative auto on/off sensors. Why the redesign? Cyclists love the power and safety features of Vya but some wanted to adjust runtime or activate a solid mode for group riding and bike paths. The button control also allows cyclocross and mountain bikers who hit pavement en route to the dirt the ability to turn the light on/off as needed for safety.

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The Vya Family

Vya Pro Smart Headlight

Smart safety redefined, the compact Vya Pro is the first bike headlight to automatically adjust riding modes.


Vya Pro Smart Taillight

Be seen over 2KM away, Vya Pro is designed for daily riders who require premium visibility day and night.


Vya Smart Headlight

An urban riders favorite compact headlight, always-on SafePulse beam and 10 hour runtime gets noticed in traffic.


Vya Smart Taillight

The future of taillights, smart technology provides effortless safety in an powerful, convenient design.


Vya Switch

The revolutionary safety features of Vya with button control for multiple modes.  Great for all day rides and control freaks!


Vya Pro Commuter Combo

The ultimate in commuter technology, designed to provide riders a compact and ultra-visible front and rear lighting set.


Vya Commuter Combo

Powerful SafePulse beam and auto-on convenience is the perfect ultra-compact front/rear combo for urban riders.


Urban 500 & Vya Combo

The timeless Urban headlight, a commuting favorite, is paired with the smart Vya, the next evolution in taillights.