LED Scuba Dive Lights

Hands free, dual beam, ultra compact and fast charging make Sola the choice for professionals and enthusiasts

Scuba Diving


Ideal light for stealth missions when communicating undetected is a matter of life and death.  Doubles as a camera focus light or lobstering light, red beam is not detected by underwater critters for stealth photo setup or successful capture.

Sola Dive Pro 2000

Designed to meet the demands of dive professionals with advanced optics for a penetrating spot, extended runtime modes, and fast charge electronics.


GoBe Red Spot

A pure red wavelength of light to provide discreet visibility while preserving night vision.


GoBe Nightsea Light

Experience the amazing world of fluorescence above and below the surface with the GoBe Nightsea.

Sola 2500 Combo Kit

The gold standard of combo kits, pair the ultra-powerful Sola 2500 with the innovative GoBe 500.


Sola 1200 Combo Kit

A powerful two-punch, this light combo provides divers with an innovative primary and secondary setup.


Sola Nightsea Light

Experience the wonder of fluorescent diving with the original and most powerful dedicated blue light available.


Sola Dive 2500 S/F

The premium Sola Dive light with an ultra-powerful wide beam that is easily toggled to a penetrating spot.


Sola Dive 2000 S/F

Spot and flood beam versatility with powerful lumen output designed to light up large sections of reef.


Sola Dive 1200 S/F

Perfect for the traveling diver, innovative features and unmatched reliability provide proven performance.


GoBe 500 Spot

The most versatile flashlight available, the GoBe is engineered to be the ultimate waterproof lighting platform.


GoBe 800 Spot FC

A visionary reinvention of the flashlight, the GoBe is engineered to be the ultimate waterproof lighting platform.


GoBe 1000 Wide FC

Powerful performance integrated with unmatched versatility, the compact choice for enhanced underwater video.


Light and Motion manufactures some of the best underwater lighting products in the world. They are compact, lightweight and pack a big punch. I've made hundreds of dives with Light and Motion products and they always come through for me.

Kip Evans