Rechargeable, Continuous LED Wedding Lights

Capture stunning images with the powerful lightweight, hand-held CL Series – straight out of the camera.

Wedding Photography

Portrait Plus Kit

Create more indoors or out in full sun with our most powerful  2-light kit designed for the fast-moving photographer.


CLx10 Photo Kit

Unleash the full potential of the CLx with a complete kit designed for the professional photographer.



The most powerful on-location LED Continuous Light with integrated battery for photography and cinematography.


Compact Creator Kit

Compact simplicity in a two-light kit that provides a powerful punch in a lightweight, palm-sized lighting platform.


Content Creation Kit

From weddings, street portraits, to video capture – the compact creator kit is the perfect companion to mirrorless systems.


CLx8 Photo Kit

Unleash the full potential of the CLx with a complete kit designed for the professional photographer.



The only continuous light designed exclusively for the needs of the modern professional photographer.


Portrait Kit

Create stunning imagery straight out of the camera with an all inclusive kit designed for the fast-moving photographer.


Stella Pro CL 8000 Broadcast Kit

The complete lighting solution for the on-location professional that needs to be ready at a moments notice.


Stella Pro CL 8000

The world’s most technologically advanced continuous light, the CL 8000 RF takes lighting to the next level.


Stella Pro CL 5000 RF Action Kit

Unleash the full potential of the CL 5000 RF with this complete single-light kit that includes light modifiers and RF remote.


Stella CL 2000 Action Kit

All the essential modifiers and accessories to maximize the on-location versatility of the compact CL 2000.


I use the Stella lights on every job - weddings, in-studio portraiture, and editorial sessions. To quickly see what I am doing gives me the ability to be creative even while working under extreme pressure - no other continuous light can touch Stella!

Dina Douglass


Brilliant primary light or full sun fill light for outdoor portraiture - the beautiful clean beam “straight out of the camera” is easy to control and eliminates post production fixing.


Easily hand held, and fast - the integrated battery frees you to stay engaged with your subject and shoot wherever your camera can go. This means stunning images you couldn’t easily get before.



Do anything, go anywhere light, Light & Motion's design is robust - engineered to take a 1 meter drop on concrete - waterproof - and is unlike any light on the market. Built in the USA and backed by a 2 year warranty - CL lights for wedding “bring the magic.”