• Sola AquaTerra Kit
  • Sola AquaTerra Kit
  • Sola AquaTerra Kit
  • Sola AquaTerra Kit
  • Sola AquaTerra Kit
  • Sola AquaTerra Kit
  • Sola AquaTerra Kit

Sola AquaTerra Kit


Shoot anywhere in the world above and below the thin blue line in seconds with this powerful light kit. Up to 15000 Lumen power in or 8000-lumen power out of the water.

FL-1 Standard Lumens Icon

Max Output

15000 Lumens

FL-1 Standard Runtime Icon

Runtime on High

35 Mins

FL-1 CRI Icon



FL-1 Standard Color Temperature Icon

Color Temp


FL-1 Standard Weight Icon


2585 Grams

FL-1 Standard Charging Icon

Charge Time

105 Mins

FL-1 Standard Depth Rating Icon

Depth Rating


FL-1 Standard Beam Angle Icon

Beam Angle

90° (Flood)

Add Recommended Accessories
Sola Pro 15K Body Module

Sola Pro 15K Body Module

Sola 3/4

Sola 3/4" Loc-Line Mount

YS Mount Pro

YS Mount Pro


SKU: 850-0485-A

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Sola AquaTerra Kit

This kit pairs the power of Light & Motion’s Sola Video Pro 15000 with the topside capability of a Stella topside head. The result is the perfect kit for content creation in and out of the water. The Video Pro 15,000 features an integrated Li-Ion battery and advanced COB LED array to deliver an incredible 15,000 lumens of light for 35 minutes. Quickly swap the 15,000  light head and bezel with the Stela 8000 head and bezel to swap to topside photography.


  • Run completely cord-free up to 965 minutes (on the lowest output setting) from the integrated rechargeable Li-ion battery that can travel checked or carry-on
  • Additional Stella 8000 head for topside shooting.
  • Dimming with stepped or continuous control, OLED Digital Display offers precise readout of RF settings, lumen output, battery remaining run time and charge status
  • High Output COB ‘Chip on Board’ LED eliminates the multi-shadow effect typical of  panel lights and keeps the light compact
  • Silent operation to 5600 lumens with automatic variable speed fan to prevent overheating at higher outputs
  • The standard head delivers 90+ CRI/TLCI  and the underwater head delivers 70+ CRI with the option of a 90+ CRI head



What's in the Box?

Placeholder image

SOLA Video Pro 15000 FC Plus Flat Port

Take underwater photo and video creation to the next level with the advanced Sola Video platform using our durable glass optic.
Placeholder image

25° Fresnel Lens, 82mm

An indispensable light shaping tool provides a hard, 25° spot to overcome sunlight or isolate a subject.
Placeholder image

50° Optic DM

Narrows the beam of CL lights from 120° to 50° and provides a smooth beam with gentle light fall off.
Placeholder image

Dome Diffuser DM

The Dome Diffuser creates a wide and diffused light by quickly attaching to the Direct Mount on CL Barn Doors.
Placeholder image

External Power Supply 24V 60W

PSE certified power supply that includes both charger and US dongle for powerful CL and Sola Pro lights.
Placeholder image

Barn Doors 82mm – Extended

Press-on barn doors with DM (Direct Mount) Interface designed for the Stella Pro CL lights with DM interface.
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Stella Pro 8000 Lighthead

Placeholder image

Stella Pro Bezel

Lumens 15000 (high), 7500 (medium), 500 (low)
Runtime (minutes) 35 (high), 65 (medium), 900 (low)
Beam Angle 90° (Flood), 120° (native), 50° (modified), 25° - 120° (range)
Color Temperature 5600k
CRI 92
LUX 18400
Beam Distance 238m
Charge Time 105 min
Fast Charge Yes
IP Rating (FL-1) 68
Depth Rating (FL-1)
Impact Resistance (FL-1) 1 meter
Product Weight 2585 grams
Product Dimensions 10.75'' X 8.5'' X 5.25''
Compatible Mounts Camera, Wrist

Frequently Asked Questions

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Compatible Accessories

Stella Pro CL/CLx Power Cable Extension, 6′


Power Cable, UK IEC320


Power Cable, EU IEC320


Power Cable, AUS IEC320


DTAP Cable Pro


CL Underwater Head (Dome)


Stella Pro CL 3200k Tungsten Fan Head


Profoto Adaptor (Pro CL & CLx Models)


Glo Bulb, 82mm


3 CTO Set (Full, 1/2, 1/4) – Glass DM


YS Mount Pro


Umbrella Holder YS Mount Base


High Leverage Handle


C-Stand Mount


1/4-20 Adapter

Portable Professional Lighting for UW and Topside!

Portable Professional Lighting for UW and Topside!

Now with the tighter airline weight restrictions, I am always looking for solutions to take less equipment, and yet not compromise the quality of the content whether lighting above or below the surface. The new ability to to transform the Sola 9600s into cinema-grade and fully waterproof topside light (CL Pro 5000) with an air kit checked all the boxes!

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