• Vis Pro 1000 Trail
  • Vis Pro 1000 Trail
  • Vis Pro 1000 Trail
  • Vis Pro 1000 Trail
  • Vis Pro 1000 Trail

Vis Pro 1000 Trail


The ultimate light for the endurance cyclist or bikepacker requiring premium safety features, powerful output, and fast charge capability.

FL-1 Standard Lumens Icon

Max Output

1000 Lumens

FL-1 Standard Runtime Icon

Runtime on High

90 Mins

FL-1 Standard Weight Icon


121 Grams

FL-1 Standard Charging Icon

Charge Time

150 Mins

FL-1 Standard Waterproofness Icon

IP Rating


FL-1 Standard Impact Resistance Icon

Impact Resistance

1 Meter

Add Recommended Accessories
Helmet Mount

Helmet Mount

2A USB AC Adapter

2A USB AC Adapter


White/white color option is no longer available. New for 2020, charcoal grey/black will be arriving at your doorstep!

SKU: 856-0735-A

Vis Pro 1000 Trail

The perfect light for ultra-endurance gravel cyclists and bikepackers.  Vis Pro 1000Trail  blends impressive power with the ability to run all day on portable power.  The impressive power provides an ideal range of vision with a smooth reflector to provide punch down the trail.  Easily mount on standard or oversize handlebars with a mount that provides enhanced grip to ensure the light doesn’t slip during critical downhill sections.  Helmet mounting is quick and simple with the included helmet mount; this ultra-lightweight setup is barely felt when balanced on the helmet.  For riders that already have GoPro mounts the GoPro interface is included.  Backing up the power of the light is reliable construction unmatched in the market.  This is the only waterproof trail light with an IP67 rating – meaning the light is certified to withstand water immersion up to 1 meter depth.  Ride with confidence, in any condition, knowing the light is up for the challenge.  When it comes time to recharge, plug the included Micro USB cable into any 2 Amp charger and the FC (Fast charge) Electronics ensure a full charge in 2.5 hours.  From after work night laps to full-on 24 hour racing, the Trail 1000 is the choice for ultra-compact power.


  • 1000 Lumen Output certified to the FL-1 Standard with high powered premium CREE LED
  • Charge and light off portable battery power with an output of 150 lumens for daylight safety.
  • The smooth reflector, exclusive in the Trail model, optimizes the beam pattern for enhanced punch down the trail
  • Multiple power settings include a one-touch High/Medium toggle so trail riders can rapidly switch power between climbs and descents without having to cycle through  various settings
  • Mounting is simple and effective with ultra-grippy rubber ensuring light doesn’t slip on regular or oversize handlebars
  • Included helmet mount provides an ultra-lightweight and simple attachment solution so riders aren’t encumbered by a bulky/heavy light setup
  • Waterproof design eliminates the leading cause of bike light failure – water immersion
  • FC (Fast Charge) Electronics ideal for 24 Hour Racing or for those that always forget to recharge their light from the previous ride

What's in the Box?

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Urban / Vis Bar Mount

Handlebar mount for the Urban / Vis light platform features a quick release design to remove the light in seconds.
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Micro USB Cable

Micro USB Charge cable is compatible with a range of Light & Motion lights and other accessories as well.
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GoPro Mount, Urban / Vis & Vya

Leverage the wide variety of third party GoPro mounts for Urban, Vis and Vya headlights with this GoPro mount adapter.
Lumens 1000 (high), 500 (medium), 250 (low), 500 (SafePulse)
Runtime (minutes) 90 (high), 180 (medium), 360 (low), 720 (SafePulse)
Beam Angle 20° (Spot)
Charge Time 150 min
Fast Charge Yes
IP Rating (FL-1) 67
Depth Rating (FL-1) 1 meter(s)
Impact Resistance (FL-1) 1 meter
Product Weight 121 grams
Product Dimensions 1.2" x 1.2" x 4"
Compatible Mounts Bar, GoPro, Helmet

Frequently Asked Questions

Compatible Accessories

Urban / Vis Thumbscrew


Urban / Vis Strap


Urban / Vis Bar Mount


GoPro Mount, Urban / Vis & Vya


Urban / Vis USB Port Cover

Bike Lights & the FL-1 Standard

Bike Lights & the FL-1 Standard

Light & Motion is the first bike light company to adopt and certify every light to the FL-1 Standard, a testing protocol to scientifically measure a light’s brightness, run-time, and water/impact resistance.  This gives you the consumer an accurate and honest way to evaluate lights and allows us to honestly stand behind our products because they have been certified to perform.

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Product Testing = A Better Customer Experience

Product testing starts with our deeply held belief that our integrity as a company will be reflected in the products we create and our customers’ experiences with them.  In other words, making great products isn’t mainly about engineering features and specifications, but about a relentless passion for excellence in everything we do as a whole company.

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Product Testing = A Better Customer Experience