Product Testing = A Better Customer Experience

November 14, 2018

Product testing starts with our deeply held belief that our integrity as a company will be reflected in the products we create and our customers’ experiences with them.  In other words, making great products isn’t mainly about engineering features and specifications, but about a relentless passion for excellence in everything we do as a whole company.  And since we do everything under one roof, that passion drives the entire process from developing initial concepts all the way to assembling the finished product that ships out the door.

In the early stages of product development, our testing focuses on trying out the crazy new ideas we’re considering (and we always have tons of those), such as a new beam pattern, more powerful electronics, or a completely new way to use a light.  Close integration between engineering, marketing, and sales are critical here to make sure we go down the right path.

During the later stages of development, that tight integration is no less important because a lot of our testing and tweaking ultimately determines the customer’s experience with our product.  So in addition to using state of the art equipment to conduct FL-1 testing for things such as lumens, runtime, waterproofing, and impact resistance, all departments are involved in testing to ensure the product is easy to use and understand, and that all the little details work as expected.

When we finally assemble product to ship to customers, our work still isn’t done.  To make sure that our volume manufacturing processes are robust, we thoroughly test large batches of lights before a single one ships out, and we continue to test our products throughout the year to ensure that we maintain that high quality.

Alex Cota is the Lead Test Engineer at Light & Motion – he makes sure our products surpass the high quality and performance you expect!