Vis 180

Safety lighting amplified, the innovative Vis 180 is the taillight benchmark with powerful rear and side visibility.

Vis 180

Vis 180 Aero Post Pad

This pad ensures the Vis 180 Pro mounts to an aero post securely.  Easy to install by replacing the stock mounting pad.


VIS 180 Rack Mount

The perfect solution to securely mount the powerful Vis 180 Pro or Vis Micro II taillights to a rear rack.


VIS 180 Spare Mount

Spare seat post mount for the Vis 180 Pro taillight makes swapping the light between bikes simple and quick.


Vis 180 Pivot Arm

Spare pivot arm is a direct replacement for the Vis 180 Pro light and features integrated angle lock.


Vis Pro Replacement Strap

Durable replacement strap for innovative Vis 180 Pro taillights and Vis 360 Pro helmet lights.


Vis Micro Replacement Strap

Durable replacement strap for the powerful and compact Vis Micro II taillight.


Micro USB Cable

Micro USB Charge cable is compatible with a range of Light & Motion lights and other accessories as well.


Vis 180 Pro

Commute with confidence knowing the world’s most visible taillight is providing protection from passing motorists.


Urban 1000 Commuter Combo

The latest in bike light technology, premium performance is enhanced by industry leading safety features.