The peerless all-in-one bar light blends powerful output with an unmatched beam pattern optimized for trail.


Taz 1500

A powerful handlebar light loved by commuters and trail riders alike for its innovations and unmatched beam pattern.


Replacement Mount (Seca Comp/Taz)

Secure the innovative Taz light to both regular or oversize handlebars with this replacement mount.


Seca & Taz Replacement Strap

Durable replacement strap for the handlebar mount on both the Seca and Taz light models.


GoPro Mount, Taz

Leverage the wide variety of third party GoPro mounts for the Taz bike light with this GoPro mount adapter.


Micro USB Cable

Micro USB Charge cable is compatible with a range of Light & Motion lights and other accessories as well.


Taz 2000

The world’s most powerful battery-integrated light for cyclists who require exceptional range of vision.


Taz 1200 Black Raven

The ultimate road and trail handlebar light option designed for riders who want a powerful, wide beam.


2A USB AC Adapter

Provides a superior 2 amp charging current to take full advantage of Light & Motion Fast Charge Technology.


I ride with Light & Motion because the commuter series of lights keep me lit up with front and side lights so cars and bike path users can see me from far away. Though the Urban is a commuter light it’s bright enough to hit singletrack!

Dax Massey