Sola Lights for Diving

The SOLA platform defines underwater lighting with reliable, factory-sealed construction and proven performance.

Sola Dive

Nightsea Camera Filter

The yellow filter is the key to the Nightsea photography because it blocks out blue light to make fluorescence visible.


USB-C 2L Charge Dongle

Minimize your travel gear with this USB-C Dongle to charge any Stella or Sola FC 2L LED Light with any compatible USB-C Charging Cable.


Sola Dive Pro 2000

Designed to meet the demands of dive professionals with advanced optics for a penetrating spot, extended runtime modes, and fast charge electronics.


The Camera Tray

The ultimate compact, travel-ready imaging accessory, the Camera Tray was specifically engineered with the GoPro in mind for mounting lights and a camera with flip filter.


Zippered Bag

Safely stash your Light & Motion lights and accessories in the handy soft bag during travel.


Sola Nightsea Phosphor Filter

Convert the Sola Nightsea blue light into white light for navigation with this secure snap-on filter.


Sola Charger 1A

Compact, travel-friendly charger for exclusive use with Sola Dive 800 and Video 2000 Flood lights.


Sola Charger 2A

Recharge factory-sealed Sola underwater lights with this charger designed for non-fast charge models.


YS Mount

A secure mounting interface to mount ultra-compact lights to housing arms or a C-Stand with YS interface.


Sola Loc-Line Mount

A secure light mounting option for underwater housings that are set up with 1/2″ Loc-Line arm segments.


Sola Ball Mount

Securely mount ultra-compact Sola lights on a camera housing that uses ball and clamp style arms.


Loc-Line Adapter 3/4″ to 1/2″

Mount the ultra-compact Sola lights with 1/2″ Loc-Line Mount to larger 3/4″ Loc-Line arms with this adapter.


Nightsea Mask Filter

This mask filter is the key to the Nightsea experience by blocking out blue light to make fluorescence visible.


Universal 1/4-20 Adapter

A complete mounting solution for attaching your Sola or GoBe to a Goodman handle – a preferred interface for tech divers.


GoBe & Sola Hand Strap

A favorite of divers worldwide, the comfortable hand strap allows hands-free use of Sola and GoBe lights.


56WHr Battery Kit

Increase runtime or recharge compact CL and Sola FC lights on-location when wall power is unavailable.


Pistol Grip Light Handle

Position CL and Sola lights in a comfortable, upright position with this lightweight handle.


External Power Supply 12V 30W

Replacement power supply that includes both charger and US dongle for compact CL and Sola fast charge lights.


Sola 2500 Combo Kit

The gold standard of combo kits, pair the ultra-powerful Sola 2500 with the innovative GoBe 500.


Sola 1200 Combo Kit

A powerful two-punch, this light combo provides divers with an innovative primary and secondary setup.


Sola Nightsea Light

Experience the wonder of fluorescent diving with the original and most powerful dedicated blue light available.


Sola Dive 2500 S/F

The premium Sola Dive light with an ultra-powerful wide beam that is easily toggled to a penetrating spot.


Sola Dive 2000 S/F

Spot and flood beam versatility with powerful lumen output designed to light up large sections of reef.


Sola Dive 1200 S/F

Perfect for the traveling diver, innovative features and unmatched reliability provide proven performance.


1/2″ Loc-Line Pliers

Save time and aggravation swapping Loc-Line segments on an underwater housing with these innovative pliers.


1/2″ Loc-Line Arm

Flexible Loc-Line arms are the preferred choice to quickly adjust light positions on an underwater housing.


Light and Motion manufactures some of the best underwater lighting products in the world. They are compact, lightweight and pack a big punch. I've made hundreds of dives with Light and Motion products and they always come through for me.

Kip Evans