The choice of the world’s top endurance racers, Seca’s signature beam pattern and proven durability is unmatched.


Seca Comp 1500

A powerful handlebar light loved by commuters and trail riders alike for its innovations and unmatched beam pattern.


Seca Comp 2000

The world’s most powerful battery-integrated light for cyclists who require exceptional range of vision.


Stick-On Mount, Bar Style

Designed for lights with an integrated handlebar mount, this allows you to secure lights to a flat or slightly contoured surface.


External Battery Charger

The external battery charger will recharge Light & Motion 2, 3, and 6 cell battery packs and features a multi-color charge indicator.


Seca Bar Mount

Replacement handlebar mount for Seca Trail lights that features the same low-profile setup as the stock unit.


Seca Enduro Lighthead

Upgrade an existing Seca lighting system with a 2500 lumen lighthead compatible with 3 or 6 cell batteries.


Seca & Taz Replacement Strap

Durable replacement strap for the handlebar mount on both the Seca and Taz light models.


Seca Breakaway Disk

An innovative safety disk that protects the Seca light from damage when stressed from an unexpected impact.


Battery Strap

Replacement battery strap for Light & Motion 3 and 6 cell high performance Li-ion battery packs.


Head Strap

Turn the high performance Imjin bike light into a multi-sport performance headlamp ready any adventure.


GoPro Mount, Seca

Leverage the wide variety of third party GoPro mounts for your bike with this GoPro mount adapter.


Helmet Mount

Ultra-lightweight and secure helmet mount designed for lights that have an integrated bar mount attachment.


6-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack

Designed for off grid locations, the high capacity lithium-ion battery pack ensures lights don’t run out of power.


Seca Enduro

The ultimate trail light ready for epic adventure with premium power and unmatched innovation.


Seca Race

Premium beam pattern for dedicated cyclists sneaking in a ride after work or competing in 24 hour races.


3-Cell Li-ion Battery Pack

Compact lithium-ion battery pack provides spare power when recharging lights is not an option.


Seca Race Lighthead

Upgrade an existing Seca lighting system with a 2000 lumen lighthead compatible with 3 or 6 cell batteries.


Light & Motion lights have been with me when I broke the record on the Kokopelli Trail, they went up Mt. Kilimanjaro, and they traveled down the Ho Chi Minh Trail lighting the way on the biggest expedition of my life. They have never let me down.

Rebecca Rusch