Interviews & News

Continuous lights that set up fast and work anywhere – from full sun interviews to disaster locations – get the story as no one else can.

Interviews & News

Stella Pro 2 Light Storyteller Kit

Unleash the full potential of two (2)  CLx10 Lights with a complete kit designed for the professional cinematographer to light on location scenes and interviews.  Small, compact, lightweight, durable and weatherproof.  Ready for anything..


Stella Pro 2 Light Interview Kit

Light the perfect interview indoors, at night or out in full sun with our most powerful  2-light kit designed for the fast-moving cinematographer, videographer or broadcast news reporter.


Stella Pro CL 10,000c Action Kit

The essential kit for run and gun content creators who travel fast and tether to external power or DTap batteries.


Interview Kit by Barry Andersson

The world’s preeminent 3-light kit designed in collaboration with cinematographer Barry Andersson.


Corporate Imaging Kit

Designed specifically for fast-moving broadcast crews that know every second matters to get the shot.


Expedition Kit

Designed for dedicated on-the-go professionals that document the most extreme conditions on the planet.


Stella Pro CL 8000 Broadcast Kit

The complete lighting solution for the on-location professional that needs to be ready at a moments notice.


Stella Pro CL 10,000c

Revolutionary power from an AC/DC corded single-point LED that fits in the palm of the hand and outshines a 200W HMI light.


In my work there are no second chances. I have to have tough equipment that can take below zero temperatures and are reliable at any hour of the day. Stella's compact size and powerful punch is remarkable, but the time saving aspect is astounding.

Jake Barlow
On-Location Interviews

On-Location Interviews

Professional news teams appreciate the highly portable untethered CL Pro series that allow fast deployment to follow the action - including shooting in direct sun where powerful lighting is necessary to get the shot.

Storms & Disasters

Ready in any weather - snowstorms to hurricanes - the Pro CL series are weatherproof and built to handle a 1 meter drop on concrete. They allow news crews to light the shot no one else can get. See how the single handheld lights illuminate background and foreground.

Storms & Disasters
Sports & Events

Sports & Events

From an untethered interview in the stadium after the world series - to running down the sidelines to capture the action with 8000 lumens in your hand - light the action instantly and save time and money on crews and setup.