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Light & Motion Academy:

CLx Modifiers

By Light & Motion

See how quickly light modifiers can be installed/removed from the powerful CLx Continuous Light.

Products Used

Barn Doors Light Modifier

Shape and control a continuous light's beam with press-on barn doors that integrate the DM (Direct Mount) Interface for use with DM modifiers.


Dome Diffuser DM

The Dome Diffuser creates a wide and diffused light by quickly attaching to the Direct Mount on CL Barn Doors.


Press-On Modifier Interface – CLx Only

Interface allows the CLx photographer's light to use all Light & Motion 82mm Press-on modifiers.


Flat Port DM

Protect the Clx light's LED array when transporting the unit or using without any lighting modifiers.


Glo Bulb, 82mm

Perfect for top-down lighting, the Glo Bulb diffuses and evenly spreads light similar to a ‘Chinese Lantern’.


3″ Speed Ring Gel Holder, 82mm

Attaches securely to the Stella bezel for use with Chimera softbox speed ring adapters or 3x3 hard gels.


25° Fresnel Lens, 82mm

An indispensable light shaping tool provides a hard, 25° spot to overcome sunlight or isolate a subject.