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Light & Motion Academy:

Aquaterra Kit

By Light & Motion

This kit pairs the power of Light & Motion’s Stella Pro CL 8000 self-contained location light with the underwater flat port light head. The result is the perfect kit for content creation in and out of the water. The CL 8000 features an integrated Li-Ion battery and advanced COB LED array to deliver an incredible 8000 lumens of light (equivalent to a 200w HMI) for 50 minutes. Quickly swap the 8000 light head and bezel with the Underwater (UW) Kit head and bezel to do pool shoots or take it deep for scuba-related photography maximizing the powerful 12,000-lumen output.

Products Used

Stella AquaTerra Kit

Shoot anywhere in the world above and below the thin blue line in seconds with this powerful light kit. Up to 8000 Lumen power in or out of the water.