The Copper Collective, a Sony Artisan of Imagery

Sara France

The Copper Collective, a Sony Artisan of Imagery

France Photographers

Photography and the business of photography are the perfect combination of Sara France’s skill sets. With more than fifteen years in the wedding industry, France’s style is described as “passionate and alive.” Her images are striking because of their emotion—a reflection of her relationship with her subjects.

Sara is a self-taught, self-proclaimed gear-head with the heart of an artist. Her wedding images have been featured around the world in Apple stores and she can be found speaking at several photography conferences around the country, most notably WPPI. Since her first wedding in 2001, Sara has expanded operations to create France Photographers, an all-female boutique team of photographers. Her decision to expand has built a new kind of associate business; a true team of innovative equals. The result is a beautiful blend of creative minds.

While San Diego will always be the hub of her business, Sara combines her love of travel and photography with her deep personal beliefs around empowering women in business. Sara now has a team of France Photographers located in Austin, Texas, and is expanding in the Spring of 2018, to include a France Photographers team in Honolulu, Hawaii.

France’s attention to detail shines; it can be seen in her business model, her vibrant imagery and also in her thoughtful way of handling client relationships. It’s true—Sara France loves what she does, and it shows in her work.

“The Stella Pro lights bring a whole new level of creativity to my weddings.  The ability to have a constant light that I can use in daylight, night, and all weather conditions makes so many more images possible.  The beam is even and consistent with perfect kelvin. They offer a ton of great modifiers that make the lights so versatile. I have looked for years for the perfect constant lights and finally found them in the Stella Pro series.”

~ Sara France, France Photographers, a Sony Artisan of Imagery