Photographer, Filmmaker, Marine Biologist

Robert Marc Lehmann

Photographer, Filmmaker, Marine Biologist

Nosebroke Productions

Robert Marc Lehmann, born in Jena, Germany, in 1983, always had an affinity to water. People said he was able to swim before he could walk. Since he was a child his aim was to research sharks and whales. The German TV channel ZDF once called him “a fish on two feet”, “the Jacques Cousteau of Thuringia”.

Lehmann regularly dives with sharks, whales, seals and all other kinds of ocean residents in all climate zones around the world. For several months a year he also travels on land for expeditions and film work. This takes him to the most remotest areas on this planet. His movies and pictures are internationally published and award-winning.

As a marine biologist and scientific diver, Robert is always on an expedition. He travels around the world as an ambassador for oceans, always looking for new adventures, animals and people. The protection of our biggest ecosystem is always his first priority. Taking pictures and filming underwater, with just one breath, is what he loves the most.

© Robert Marc Lehmann

“Freediving allows me to take pictures and enjoy situations which you can only appreciate that way. Besides, I believe freediving is the most respectful way to get close to an animal underwater.”

“I hope that through sharing my experiences in pictures, movies, and speeches I inspire people to rethink and to save what is so important to me – Our planet, the ocean and its residents.”

~ Robert Marc Lehmann

About Light & Motion lights:

“The Stella Pro lights are in my “5 things to bring on every shoot“. You’ll need lights for sure when you shoot outdoor interviews or like I do topside and underwater filming & photography stuff in extreme conditions. The cool thing is: I can use them in both worlds! Wet and dry.”

~ Robert Marc Lehmann, Award-winning Filmmaker, Marine biologist, National Geographic photographer of the year 2015