Fashion Photographer

Juan Arellano

Fashion Photographer

Juan Arellano is a fashion photographer with more than 20 years of experience. He is based in Columbia, South America and mostly works in Europe and the United States. His clients are broad and varied and include: White Point, Chromos, Televisa, Time, Vogue, Marie Claire, Studio-f, and Hugo Boss to name a few. He has shot more than 100 covers for magazines across the world. His editorial and campaign work demonstrates his versatility and accomplishments. He is at home working on in remote location settings as the in the studio.

“Stella allows me to stay in the moment with my subject. I get better images with more looks, more setups, and more spontaneity. Stella lights have freed my creative talent to do more – and to do things not possible with strobes.”

~ Juan Arellano, Fashion Photographer, Juan Arellano Photography