Cinematographer, Aerial Stunt Coordinator

Joe Jennings

Cinematographer, Aerial Stunt Coordinator

I was born in St. Louis, Mo in 1962, married with two boys, now living in Palos Verdes, CA.  I started skydiving when I was 21 and currently have about 13,000 skydives. I built my camera flying skills in the competitive skysurfing arena working with sky surfer, Rob Harris, who was by far the best sky surfer in the world.  He passed in 1995 and I flew with a number of free stylists and sky surfers. At the same time, I was producing local commercials for car dealerships etc and produced a flying pizza commercial that became so popular that we produced close to 100 of them for different pizza companies across the country and around the world.  Eventually I sold the production company to focus on skydiving cinematography and aerial stunt coordination. After 13,000 + skydives, cinematography fuels my passion today.

“I’ve flown with lights before, but nothing as compact, smooth, and powerful as the Stella lights.  After a couple of jumps I realized the creative potential that these lights can bring to my work- more fuel to the passion that drives me.”

~ Joe Jennings, Cinematographer, Cameraman, Aerial Stunt Coordinator,