Annie Crawley


Dive Into Your Imagination

Award-winning producer, underwater photographer, author, and motivational speaker, Annie Crawley, inspire people through her photos and video to discover the beauty and vitality of our oceans. She founded Dive Into Your Imagination creating a series of Books, DVDs, lesson plans, prints, posters to entertain and educate people about the ocean and the need for us all to take an active role in its conservation.


Originally from Chicago and trained as a photo and broadcast journalist, Annie Crawley spent the past two decades living and working around the world. After learning to scuba dive and sail, she became a PADI Master Scuba Diving Instructor and a 100 ton US Coast Guard Captain.  Annie is a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, an Oris Sea Hero and an SSI 5000 Platinum Pro Diver.

Annie currently travels the world as a scuba diving instructor with a camera in hand  – her images and stories deliver powerful messages about how to care for the ocean now and for the future. Each summer, she runs Beach Camp at Sunset Bay, where she introduces the next generation of divers to ocean exploration and conservation.


The 9600s are brilliant and bright underwater and with the Air Kits, I can have a versatile and powerful topside light. Now I can travel with one light that does everything: underwater photography, topside interviews, and macro photography.

~ Annie Crawley